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Course for Workers in Children's Ministry
This course is designed to prepare Sunday school teachers and other workers in children's ministry. The following major topics we studied: Foundations of spiritual growth, Pedagogy, Methodology, Psychology, Christian ethics, etiquette, and more. Follow the website for more information. 

Teachers' Conference - 3E: Encourage, Educate, Equip

November 11-12, 2022
This conference was hosted in Sacramento California.
This is a Professional Development Conference that is focused on the 3 Es: Encourage, Educate, and Equip.
Teachers and leaders were able to gain the necessary knowledge to lead their team of teachers and helpers and guide them to be the best for their students. God has given us the special gift of bringing children to God and guiding them to develop a personal relationship with Him. This training helped teachers and leaders to recognize that they have what it takes to teach students. Teachers and leaders received the necessary education and were equipped with the resources and skills necessary to succeed.

This conference was hosted in Jacksonville Florida.
At this conference, we provided resources for helping children find their identity in Christ, strategies for parents to raise their children during turmoil and unrest, practical resources for parents to use in helping lead their children to Christ, and tools on how to identify anxiety, depression, and self-harm in children/teens/youth. For more information or to access materials please visit our website.


Camp Seminars - 2021
Teacher Seminars
Christian Pedagogy | Eugene Beinia, PhD
Discipline Support | Tanya Kisel, PhD