Lately, there have been a lot of sermons, entire programs, and seminars about the role of the wife.
But what about single and divorced women, sometimes feeling forgotten and invisible?
How do single women live? Abandoned by their husbands, especially those who have children?
 How can they build their lives and relationships when many people condemn, criticize, and do not understand them?
 These women need support, understanding, and love.
The problems single women face today are not always related to material or financial challenges.
Most of the issues include betrayal, loneliness, rejection, pain, and resentment.
 They need emotional  and spiritual healing.
The world of a woman's heart, her feelings, pain, experiences, and suffering can only be
 understood by a woman filled with God's love, compassion, and mercy. God calls us to see the real pain that
lonely people feel. After all, human pain does not resolve on its own.

To help single women:
• We study the Bible together and share a personal example of how to apply its truths in life.
• Encourage women to rely on God and not on their strength.
• We uplift the lost sense of dignity, helping overcome "battles", first and foremost in oneself.
• We hold meetings, seminars, and prayers.
• We celebrate birthdays and holidays, and participate in outdoor activities.

If you are a mature single woman,  or are a divorcee,
 (even if you do not attend church) please join us.


Time: 1st and 3rd Monday of the month | 7pm
Location: room #245.
Contact: Nadezhda Likhtar 916-716-1711