During childhood, parents teach their children good things and how to be successful in their life. Parents care about
 their children's health, study, and comfort; take children to school, college, sports, and music lessons. Parents worry
about the fate of their children. This world teaches how to be selfish, proud, and independent from their parents.
From childhood, children must learn what the Truth is and the lies that the world offers.
There are many questions parents want to know the answers to - how to teach children to resist the world's temptations
and keep faith in God and how to be blameless from the world?

To help parents to educate their children, the course “The Wisdom of a Girl" has been open since 2002 at our church.
The class is for girls aged 11 to 16 years old.
For years, more than 1,250 girls have taken this class. Many girls shared their testimonies of the knowledge
and wisdom they received during the course. Some girls said: "What a blessing this course has been in our lives and even in our marriage."

In this course, girls learn the Biblical Principles:
• How to gain Gods wisdom
• How to keep your virginity
• How to resist the charms of the world
• The right relationship with the guys and respect for them
• What is true beauty
• Why and how to honor parents
• And many other topics


Start Date: October 4, 2022
Duration: Oct - May
Time: Tuesdays 7pm
Location: Upstairs room #244
Age: 12-16 years old


Duration: 8 months Oct - May
Time: Tuesdays 7pm
Location: room #244
Age: 12-16 years old
*If you are not a church member but would like your daughter to attend this course, contact Larisa at (916)473-3318