Teamwork With Team Building Games / Работа В Команде 

Svetlana Oliferchik
Teamwork: the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient.
Работать в Kоманде: совместные действия группы людей, особенно когда они эффективны и действенны.

development through play / Развитие через Игры

Marina Korniychuk
Research suggests that play is a critical factor in child’s development. Today, natural play has been affected by technology. Video/computer games have become the top priority to children, when choosing to play. In this seminar we discuss the natural development through play, how modern play affects child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual health, and what skill to apply during children's camps to reach every child through play. 

Leadership / ЛИДЕР

Pavel Michnevich
A teacher is a noble leader. In this seminar we discuss the character of the teacher as a leader, the problem with modern leadership, and the difference between the secular and Godly leadership. 

Responsibilities Of A Group Leader / Обязанности Наставника Групы 

Julie Teleten
In this seminar we will discuss responsibilities of a group leader in different areas such as spiritual, social, group and administrative.